Wayne and Freda, the namesakes of our grandparents who met later in life


Owners Ryan and Jen met in 2003 and later started dating.  Not long after it was discovered that Ryan's grandfather Wayne and Jen's Grandmother Freda were residents of the same care home here in the Okanagan. It did not take long for the seating arrangement to be changed for Wayne and Freda to discuss their newfound commonalities. What started as a conversation over coffee about their grandchildren, soon blossomed into a sweet friendship and lead to many more coffees and conversation shared.

We created Wayne and Freda for a few reasons, we love great food and great coffee.
We also wanted to create a place for connection, community and joy.


Our aim to to feed you great food. Caffeinate you with great coffee and make you feel good while you are here.

let us feed you and caffeinate you